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2nd Edition release events

We have the 2nd Edition stock in now to go on sale on Thursday and there are a few ways to earn extra rewards. (all subject to availability)

Flight Training!

Answer 3 questions about X-wing 2nd Edition to earn an Extended art Blue Squadron Escort card. New players should be able to answer the questions after playing their first game from the core set quick start rules.

Quick Build Battle

Anytime from Thursday:
Play a quick build battle using the squad-building options made possible by the game's Quick Build cards. Select up to three threat of ships and upgrades from your Core Set, and race straight into your first Quick Build Battle against an opponent to earn an Extended Art Academy pilot card (if you need to find an opponent, post in this thread to arrange matches)

Squad Builder Startup
Use the Squad builder app or website to build a squad in preparation for our first 2nd Edition Organised Play event This Monday (17th).
Starting at 7pm. Entry is just £1, the same price as our regular X-wing casual play sessions every Monday night.

Prizes include extended art  Luke Skywalker/Obsidian Squadron Pilot cards, perspex stress tokens, Medals, and some other older pilot cards.


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