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DnDice at the Dice Cup! Saturday 1st September!

This Saturday we will be hosting Grady from DnDice running a three-to-four hour session of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons starting from 1pm! Featuring scenery and miniatures the adventure will be open for six players to join at a cost of five pounds per player, and you can pay in advance to guarantee your slot!

So it will be first-paid, first-served smile

And for the adventure itself, here's the description for Grady's adventure!

"Join House Snøhvit and its six dwarven kin in the hunt for their long lost brother in a 2-3 hour adventure for both new players and veteran's alike with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

They've been led to Emberstone, a small mining town owned by the Kharak & Sons & Sons & Sons Mineral Procurement Corperation, where rumours about their brother have surfaced. Will the town of Emberstone bring them a step closer to their dopey brother or will dwindling adventuring supplies after two long years spell doom for House Snøhvit?!"

- Characters are pre-generated for the game with a selection of classes to choose from.
- You won't need to bring anything except yourself to play! There will be premium metal dice and dice mats for players to use. Unless you wish to bring your own lucky dice set!


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Re: DnDice at the Dice Cup! Saturday 1st September!

hey, I have read your event and can say very intrigued. I would love to join the group, I am very new to this country so I hope to come in late won't be an issue. if you are full I understand but I would understand. I hope to hear from you soon

sincerely Kayla

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