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#1 25-08-2018 08:47:44

DC Matt
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Sunday - Speedquiz at 7pm

A quiz where cheating is impossible, as you're using your phone to answer the questions but only have 10 seconds!

It's £2 a person and the quiz consists of 40 general knowledge questions, a specialist subject round voted on weekly and a buzzer round to finish with.
We offer a special membership for quiz fans, which is £50 for the year, for which you will get your quiz entry as well as all day gaming on Sundays

there is also a rolling jackpot for whoever can get the last question right, which increases by £10 each week until it is won.

Get the app here

Our facebook event page has the poll to choose the specialist subject for the following week


#2 31-08-2018 13:35:21

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Re: Sunday - Speedquiz at 7pm

Yay for the quiz! big_smile

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