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#1 18-10-2018 18:13:58

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Discover: Lands Unknown RRP £58 pre-order for £52.20

Shout out if you are interested in a copy of this new Unique Game!?

Discover: Lands Unknown is coming very soon from Fantasy Flight. It is a Unique Game, every copy of Discover: Lands Unknown is unlike any other in the world. The unique mix of environments, characters, storylines, items, and enemies in each copy of Discover means that your own adventures will play out very differently than your friend's copy of the game. No matter where you find yourself, you'll need to survive and uncover the reasons why you've awoken, trapped in the wilderness. Whether survival means cooperation or competition is completely up to you! … s-unknown/

you can pre-order for £52.20 (10% off) by calling in to the store and paying in advance.

The release date is expected to be around October 25th so pre-orders will need to be paid by Mon 22nd to get the discount.


#2 24-04-2019 11:23:00

Leland T. Burns
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Re: Discover: Lands Unknown RRP £58 pre-order for £52.20

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