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#1 04-10-2018 16:29:51

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We are planning to run a few sessions of the Megagame "Bring Them Home" in 2019.

You can read a review of the game here … them-home/

Bring Them Home is a Megagame for 21 people where players take on the roles of 3 space agencies in an alternate 1970s, trying to bring back safely an astronaut whose ship is careening out of control in space. All 3 agencies are working together, but each one wants to be the one who gets the credit for it. So it's a co-op, competitive game lasting 3 hours, the crucial difference being that the astronaut is also a player, making their own independent decisions, informed by how well the players on earth communicate with them.

Right now, we don't have a date set, we'll update this thread with any new info such as dates and prices.


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Re: Megagame?!?!?

sounds pretty awesome. I'd definitely want to attend this


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