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#1 29-07-2019 18:37:05

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Sunday Aug 4th Monthly Keyforge Tournament - 3 Deck Sealed Draft Triad

This Month's Keyforge event is a big one!
We are doing a 3 Deck Sealed Draft Triad.
The entry will be £30 as you will get 3 decks, from those 3 decks you will draft the three you'll keep based on the decklists. Then the tournament will be a Triad format, which means you play to the best of three games, but before the match you each look at your opponents decklists and choose one to eliminate, you need to win a game with each of the remaining decks to win the match.

As this one is a bit more costly to enter, we are adding some extra prizes to the pool, as well as the Metal Keys, there will be a special exclusive Dice Cup deck and a longbox for card/deck storage

The tournament starts at 2pm, please arrive early to register


#2 08-09-2019 12:50:09

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Re: Sunday Aug 4th Monthly Keyforge Tournament - 3 Deck Sealed Draft Triad

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