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Sunday July 7th - Maonthly Keyforge tournament - Sealed Adaptive

The Monthly tournament will be starting at 2pm and is back to the first Sunday this month.

Prizes for these events will include a Playmat and a set of Premium Metal Keys.

Entry to this Monthly event will be  £14 for 1 Sealed deck

Monthly Event Prizes:
The winner will take home their choice of playmat or a set of Premium Metal keys, with the remainder going to second place.

The Monthly Tournament on the 7th of July will be Sealed Adaptive

You will be given a deck from your choice of Call of the Archons or Age of Ascension.
In the Adaptive variant, you and your opponent play best two out of three. Game one, you use your deck. Game two, you use your opponent's deck. If there's a third game, you bid chains for the deck that won the previous two games.

Time limit for each round will be 100 minutes


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Re: Sunday July 7th - Maonthly Keyforge tournament - Sealed Adaptive

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