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#1 26-11-2018 19:46:56

DC Matt
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Saturday Jan 5th - 4pm start - Keyforge Monthly tournament

The first age of KeyForge Organized Play is known as Dawn of Discovery. It embraces the game’s novelty, focusing on the exploration, discovery, and enjoyment of different decks, formats, and variants.

There will be a Monthly tournament on the first Saturday of each month starting at 4pm. Prizes for these events will include Playmats and Premium Metal Keys.
Entry to the Monthly events will be £5 for Archon format Events £14 for Sealed

Monthly Event Prizes – Below are the guidelines for prize distribution based on player rankings for the
single monthly event of 16 or more players:
• Top Sixteen: Each player receives one set of power cards.
• Champion: After all matches have concluded, the overall winner receives a playmat. AND a set of Premium Metal Keys (minimum of 16 players required for Metal Keys to be in the prize pool)

The second Monthly Tournament on the 5th of January will be Sealed Adaptive
In the Adaptive variant, you and your opponent play best two out of three. Game one, you use your deck. Game two, you use your opponent's deck. If there's a third game, you bid chains for the deck that won the previous two games.
The time limit for a round is 100 minutes.


#2 27-11-2018 20:36:37


Re: Saturday Jan 5th - 4pm start - Keyforge Monthly tournament

Might be in town visiting family so could come and enter this. Does the store get many in for keyforge events or will I be sat on my own smile

#3 28-11-2018 22:07:06

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Re: Saturday Jan 5th - 4pm start - Keyforge Monthly tournament

We get a pretty good turnout, there are 12 people here tonight for the 2 deck survival big_smile


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